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Alfresco use 100% CPU after upload documents with CIFs

Question asked by agey on Apr 15, 2011
Hi all,

I have instaled Alfresco application on Ubuntu. I have integrated FlexiCapture and Alfresco with CIFs. FlexiCapture read the scanned files and export them into Alfresco using CIFs. Alfresco import metadata of each document from data of FlexiCapture. This works fine and it´s fast enough.

Then, the user opens each file and checks if metadata are correct. If it´s ok, file is moved to 'Approved' node and if not, file is moved to 'Rejected' node. This is the action when CPU usage is too higher, about 100%. Alfresco take 5 minutes in move each file.

I think it's related to indexes but I don´t know how can I configure Alfresco to minimize this time and limit CPU usage. Can somebody point to me anything about this?

Thanks a lot in advance.