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Configuring connection pool with Tomcat 5.5

Question asked by rpalfreco on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2011 by rpalfreco
Hi All ,
I am a newbie to alfresco ,
We are trying to configure Connection pool on Tomcat 5.5 .
we are able deploy a sample application with connection pool settings ,  but when it comes to alfresco , we are facing binding issues.

In the post  ( )  says , Due to the packaging of the naming-*jar files it is not possible to get java:comp/env  context and we also observed same .
If we put naming-*jar  we are facing same issue in our sample application , as we are facing with alfresco.

So my question is ,
1. Do alfresco require naming-*jar with Alfresco war , although those jars are present in Tomcat by default.
2. Does naming-*jar are modified for Alfresco.
3. Will it affect alfresco , if those jar are removed from Alfresco war.

we are using Alfresco 2.2.