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Community 3.5.a Preview

Question asked by mikeh Employee on Apr 18, 2011
The "nightly" build server has been updated with the latest build from svn, which will become v3.5.a Community in the future. Version 3.4.e with the Activiti integration will be released soon.

Included with this update are the following UI changes within Share:
  • Drag-and-drop uploads direct from your desktop to the Document Library (and to folders). You'll need a modern browser, i.e. Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, Chrome 9+ or Safari 5. MSIE users need not apply, sorry.

  • A new user and new site welcome dashlet.

  • Many dashlets given a makeover. Note: custom dashlets may need a small CSS tweak to their padding following some mark-up changes.

  • A redesigned document details page which can now display images without the Flash player and also now play video.

  • Document Library tidied up with relative times for created and modified dates; a "Like" feature, sorting (finally!) and inline rename for files and folders.

  • When creating a site, the site URL will now be auto-generated from the name unless you change it manually.

  • Dashlets, site creation and inline rename all use the new "balloon help" feature which we'll be expanding on in the future.

  • Calendar agenda view overhaul.

  • Trashcan (undelete) in the Admin Console

  • … and probably more stuff I've forgotten!
The downloads can be found at: