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Transition ID

Question asked by fordville on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by mitpatoliya
Using the Javascript API, I'm wanting to simply endTask for an adhoc workflow.  According to the API it should go something like:

endTask(transition_id);  //but this doesn't do much good if I can get the value of the transition ID!

Here's what I have in end_task.get.js:

      taskId = args.task_id;  //no problem
      task = workflow.getTaskById(taskId);  //no problem
      //need transition_id here!
      if (task != null)  {

Despite hours of combing the boards and Google, I found nothing that will get me the correct transition_id from a task instance. 

This might fall into the items that I've read about that are unavailable in the Javascript API.  If someone can confirm that we can't transition from one task to the other with the Javascript API, that will be a great help. 

I could really use an assist on this one!