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Problem backing up MySQL on WinSvr 2003 x64

Question asked by gbrann on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by gbrann
ok.. I've tried the works here.. spent hours on end.. hoping I can find some help. :)

Alfresco is running great. No install issues, but I could't find the topic just relating to backup configuration..

I don't think you need all 162 lines of my backup procedure for the server.. the issue is backing up mysql. mysqldump gives no errors but my output .sql files is 1kb.. it simply states :

Usage: mysqldump [OPTIONS] database [tables]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] –databases [OPTIONS] DB1 [DB2 DB3…]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] –all-databases [OPTIONS]
For more options, use mysqldump –help

my command line is as follows :

mysqldump -u root -p ******** -A -c -f> alf_bkup.sql

The dump creates the outfile.. but no tables or data. I'm going crazy here looking all over the place and trying so many things.

I also found that mysqldump will not run is the SQL server is shut down, so we are only shutting down Tomcat. We don't have the openoffice service.

Installed Alfresco from the Windows Installer. Version 3.2c (community version)

I also found that we have no files.. just the sample file. But this hasn't created any issues. It runs great.. backup seems to the issue on hand.

Can anyone help? This is mission critical. Thank you so much!