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Best place to put custom templates or scripts

Question asked by joshijimit on Apr 20, 2011

I have just created a scheduler action for mail notification of new asset. In order to do that I have created one custom template and a script which I have placed under "Data Dictionary" folder as shown in below path respectively.

Template : Company Home/Data Dictionary/Email Templates/Notify Email Templates/new_asset_notification_mail_template.ftl

Script : Company Home/Data Dictionary/scripts/SendEmailForExpiredAsset.js

As I am accessing the template from script as below, template should resides on somewhere in Data Dictionary.
(mail.parameters.template = companyhome.childByNamePath("/Data Dictionary/Email Templates/Notify Email Templates/new_asset_notification_mail_template.ftl")

But we are managing our extension from a maven project so I need to place these files somewhere in extension folder under shared.
So Can anyone have idea of which should be best place to put these files and handle it from an extension project?