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too many 'working copy' in the title

Question asked by inode on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by frilux

i am using alfresco community 3.4.d and i am having a problem with the "new version" feature from the share interface.

when a mac user uses the "edit offline" function and reuploads the file as a new version, it always adds "arbeitskopie" (working copy) at the end. those "arbeitskopie" add up untill the file name is too long so it cant be donwloaded anymore until you manually delete all the "arbeitskopie" in the file name.
this happens to my mac users with safari, chrom and firefox. if i do the same thing with linux (ubuntu) it doesnt change the file name.

is the a way to fix this ?

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