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Get Indexed Content of Lucene and display in search results

Question asked by tellme on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by afaust

I would be interested to know how can we get the the actual index content of a document and display some of it in the search Results particularly for PDF, Powerpoint etc. We are using Enterprise 3.4

At present I can upload a PDF document to the Document Library of the Share and can search inside the content of the uploaded PDF document. However, I want to fetch the content as well to display in the search content. I need to display some 2 or 3 lines as we get when we do the google search.

I tried altering the Search.lib.js and the getDocumentItem() method to fetch the content. It does work for the text files but for PDF it shows junk characters. I understand that PDF is a binary file but is there a way we could get the content displayed in search results?