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problem with lucene query search in document content

Question asked by shagojyo on Apr 21, 2011
I've this problem with Alfresco.
I'm using Lucene.
I have to find all the documents that have in their contents the word "federalismo".
If i sumbit this search i obtain the follow results:
1. doc1.doc  –> (It contains the word "federalismo")
2. doc2.doc  –> (It doesn't contain the word "federalismo" but it contains the word "confederale")
I want to obtain only the first document.
How can i do?
does it depend in the tokanization?

I'm sure that my search query is correct; in the text search i replace the word "federalismo" with "*federalismo*"
This is the query that i submit (i extract it by the system.out):
+PATH:"/app:company_home//*" AND TEXT:"*federalismo*"