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Alfresco 3.4.e Version 3419 w/ POSTGRESQL

Question asked by kjameson on Apr 23, 2011
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by kjameson
Just installed 3.4.e Ubuntu 10.4 w/ POSTGRESQL …
installation defaulted to POSTGRESQL … it appears that there is no
way to choose between POSTGRESQL and MYSQL … and since all my
present databases are MYSQL … I'd like to have 3.4.e use the same
so as to simplify the migration(s) … Is there an (easy) way to choose
MYSQL … instead? Or change to MYSQL after the install??? 3.4.e seems
stable and OK … I have 30 or so tests that I have defined … very simple,
basic stuff … this is the only (3.4.e) version that passes all my tests. I
am trying to get a version to run without all the brokenness … and this
(3.4.e) runs well, but the POSTGRESQL thing makes 3.4.e another
non-usable version. So,  I either need to be able to use MYSQL or a way
to convert a "not so small" database to POSTGRESQL. So I can "easily"
migrate old databases to 3.4.e from the "broken" 3.4.d …???

I tried to move the "war" files from 3.4.e to a test 3.4.d install …
couldn't get it to run … same with "war" files from 3.5.a … no-go.

At present I am using 3.4.d with a couple of patches …

a. Wiki broken when using IE7 / IE8. Used instructions at

b. Themes broken …

I just copied all 9 of these files into proper directory … Tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/lib folder

and restarted alfresco.

Further tests are in order, but the basic stuff works …

Will there ever be an installer for the 3.5.a version … ???

I could use a little help / advise!

Thanks in advance!