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image doesn't appear in html preview and pdf

Question asked by on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by juilee
hi all.

i want to create a pdf from html by business rule (oo server) and also show preview of the html in the content preview window (flash) in SHARE. The goal is to generate htmls by alfresco service with embedded image(s) and metadata (create something like product brochure). Solution works, but images embedded in html showing "empty" - standard image square - "signalize" "image not availabile" (typical problem if image not available by http server).

So there are two problems: image not rendered in preview mode and also not available in generated pdf (by oo server)

This happens only in the cases if image linked from the same alfresco repository. If image is a remote - any html location - other then alfresco server then it works.

What is interesting:

If i create a href link to the image for example: - then alfresco change this absolute link to relative.

so my problem is to get image to a html from the same alfresco repository.

any recommendation ?