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Some starter questions about Alfresco features and setup

Question asked by robwu on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by robwu

I apologize if this can be found on the forum (I have done a fair amount of searching already), but the amount of information regarding Alfresco is a bit daunting to say the least. So if there are already any links to the questions please post them.

For our little company setup we would like to use Alfresco as a Internet accessible project server. Multiple people will have to have access to data in several folders, with or without limited rights. All this because a lot of us work on different locations a lot of the time, and this way we feel that the risk of working with outdated information or files is less possible.

In addition we would like to have a 'blog like' system integrated into Alfresco for clients to log into. This blog would be password protected, and a way to have work validated for the next step.
It would be nice if a simple, received email with a link attached would bring you to the login page for the blog thread, and adding a comment on the thread would generate an email for all people assigned to the thread. So they know a comment is added.
This is a big thing for us, but I couldn't find any information on this yet if Alfresco can do this OOB or with addons.

There's some other stuff we would like to add, like a online agenda, and a online progress report. But the first two have our immediate interest of need atm.

A separate question: When working with Alfresco, you can use the server as a virtual drive, but is there some kind of check-in/out system from the File menu in all apps used?

Thank you for any response, links to the forum or websites,