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Alfresco Sizing

Question asked by palashg on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by mrogers
Does Alfresco provide any template (formula) etc to do the sizing?

I  am alreday aware of the following. But I am looking for something more concrte

More specifically I will be looing fo a excel file with formula. This will take some input like :

A) User Info

1) No of  light users
2) No of  heavy users
3) Total Users
4) Concurrent users

B) Content Information

5) Type of documents (ppt,doc,media etc) and number of docs for each type
6) Avg size of each type of document
7) Rendition required or not (% of doc)
8) Average number of version of each type
9) Content size projection for 3 years

C)SLA Requirements

1) upload of diffrent size
2)download of diffrent size
3) check-in of diffrent size
4)check-out of diffrent size

D) LB/Failover requrements at all levels

E) Operating System

Output should show up with :

1) No of hosts ateach layer (Data,Middleware (Alfresco) , UI (share/WebClient) and make
2) Size (No of CPU & speed, Memory for each host)
3) Storage 

This is just example and we need refinement of above example. I know some of the other vendors do provide this kind of template for sizing. I am wondering Alfresco does have somethink like this?

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