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Preview: Pre-rendition for flash preview? (performance)

Question asked by dhartford on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by jpotts
Hey all,
Playing around with Share, I've noticed a little delay on the Flash Preview as it prepares a file for the preview mode.

In particular, a large multipage TIFF on 3.4.e community server on Windows (although most of my testing has been on 3.4.d on linux) takes 3-5 sec before the preview shows up (note, separate issue related to preview of only the single page for multipage TIFF).

Is there anything that can be done to say 'pre-rendition' on-load all documents so the flash preview is faster for users/administrators who want to go down this path (or if there are other corrections/issues that would help with this problem)?