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[Android] - ALF Mobile available on android market

Question asked by jm.pascal Employee on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by mchenier
Hello World.

Since some time now, I'm currently developing applications on Android platform (mobile & tablet) to manage all docs from a content repository.

The first application I created is called
"Android Content Center - ECM CMIS Client ".

It's an android application for browsing and managing files/folders stored in an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) based on CMIS services (AtomPub).

It lets you browse and manage all documents in a  data warehouse through the CMIS protocol. So whatever  data warehouse, or you are following and your rights, you  can with your smartphone or tablet exploit  documentation for your document management tool.

This application needs no server-side installation. It just need the AtomPub CMIS binding link to the server as
for example: http:// [host]: [port] / alfresco / service / CMIS

This application is available in a first version of the Android Market for the price of 0.99 € to this address:

Then, and I think it may interest you more, I created a second application:
"Android Content Center - ALF Mobile".

This application is based on the previous one and adds the possibility using sharing sites from Alfresco Share. In other words it is
now possible via android device (mobile or tablet) to

** Alfresco SHARE **
- List of user's share site
- Search Share site and join public share site
- Show user profil and members profil

— Follow the news of your share site

Document library
— Manage shared content

— Add event calendar in your Android calendar
— Find where the event take place in Google Maps

— Open directly your share links

— Tel, SMS, EMail, Skype, GTalk share site members
— Add them to your contact list in your Android device
— Find where they works in Google Maps

This application is now available in a first version on Android Market to the price of 0.99 €.

Again this application  needs no server-side installation.
This application works from versions 3.3 + Alfresco (CMIS Support mandatory)for both Community and Enterprise  Version.

Again, the default url link with Alfresco is of the form: http:// [host]: [port] / alfresco / service / CMIS

These versions are under development and may undergo many changes.
However if you want your first ECM Mobile experience, I thinks those apps are great first steps and it only cost a mp3 song  :wink:

It would be a shame not to try.

In any case, feel free to experiment, make comments, propose new features or report errors.