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Using alf transactions with another app?

Question asked by dynamolalit on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by openpj

I have a webapp placed inside same tomcat where alfresco war resides. This webapp uses webscripts to call services from alfresco repository & does required tasks. Now i have following questions:
1. I have given
inside xyz.get.desc.xml. What does it mean? Will it take current transaction (created by user logged in using ticket generated for him) & perform the task & return. If so, i assume that it should work fine with n number of users.

2. Now i want to integrate my webapp transactions with alfresco generated ones so that i can have seamless integration w.r.t this. Is it possible? I am assuming that i can enter from my webapp into alfresco using a single transaction , perform tasks as saving content & return.

3. My idea is if anything breaks anywhere in webapp or alfresco , whole thing should rollback.

Till now not gained much momentum apart from RetryingTransactionHelper/User Transaction but not sure how to integrate it in webapp.

Any help will be highly  appreciated.