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CIFS Configuration Problem

Question asked by anglagard71 on May 2, 2011

I have a CIFS problem.

Here is my configuration :
- Alfresco 3.3
- W2003 Server SP2
- Windows Clients XP SP3

My problem (everything is working properly except CIFS) :
- CIFS default configuration (no changes)
- CIFS works only if I access directly on my Alfresco server ( \\MyAlfrescoServera\Alfresco ).
- CIFS does'nt work (with parameters below) if I try to access by my Windows XP client.

Probably the problem is about "Native SMB collisions" described here:
I would try to follow these indications but I read this sentence:
WARNING: If you are accessing your server remotely, do not perform these procedures as you will not be able to remote back into the machine due to RPC Services being rendered Unavailable.

Now, this is my situation: I have to access my server remotely (vmware)

How could I solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot