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Dynamic Asset Collection breaks on Refresh

Question asked by cfe on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by ben

first of all id like to say i  enjoy working with Web Quick Start and this forum is really really helpfull, thank you so much!

I tried out dynamic asset collections and i'm experiencing some rather strange behavior:
I changed the CMIS-Query so that it shows all articles in a section while excluding a paticular asset, containing general Information:

SELECT d.* from cmis:document AS  d WHERE in_tree(d, '${section:.}') AND d.cmis:objectTypeId='D:ws:article' AND d.cmis:name not like ' WANTTOEXCLUDE_ASSET.html '

When I Save that Query and look again at the collectiosn Metadata, it shows the articles as desired. (also does the Editorial WS), after some time (supposedly the defined interval) the collection is refreshed, now containing the article which should be excluded.

If i reapply the Query it works, only until the next refresh…

Your help is very much appreciated.