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search.findNode() is not working

Question asked by sans on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 12, 2011 by sans
I am trying to modify My-tasks page. I am editing the share\components\workflow\task-list-min.js.
I want to display Site Name, file name, Initiator, Start date apart from the existing fields such as Due:, Status: and Type:.
I have all the values that I need to display. I have bpm_context and bpm_package. But the value that is displayed is workspace://SpacesStore/221241f0-bc8c-4202-b780-456f799470f1. Now I want to extract folder name and site name from this value.
I know this url represents the folder name. I am trying to use the search.findNode(workspace://SpacesStore/221241f0-bc8c-4202-b780-456f799470f1). But the issue is I am getting a java script error, search is not defined.
I know that search is available on alfresco side but not on share side. Is there any way to enable it on share side? Or is there any other work around for this?
Please help!!