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WebDav, Versioning and Webdrive

Question asked by tekka on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by progdevtom
Hi all,

First thanks for this marvelous tool. Alfresco is just what we were looking for and more !!
Before deploying Alfresco, I have a concerne and want to know if we can do something with that…

I set Alfresco to make every file versionable. This is working well.
I'm under Windows 7 x64. If I use the embedded WebDav client (which is working well apart from details like no estimation of upload time, but it's another subject),every thing is cool. If I open a file with Ms Word for exemple, it detects it as a versionned file, and when I make modification on it and save it, the version of the file is just increased and I can go back to another version for exemple.
But if I use Webdrive I can still connect and everything, but the same file open in Word is not see as a versioned file anymore and for the sad part, when I save changes, it just erase all the versioning information on the server ! Very very bad !

I hope I'm doing something wrong, because it's kind of freaking me out for the futur. I can't garantie that all my users will connect with windows client, and I really don't want to lose all the versioning information !

Thanks for your help in advance (And excuse my English, I'm French :) )