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Simple Workflow is Immutable?

Question asked by cloudcontrol on May 5, 2011
I am using Community Edition 3.4.d. I have several "pending" folders with simple workflow rules which:
- apply to all items when they are created or enter the folder
- use simple approve / reject  workflow to move the item to its proper destination folder

However, if I notice the document has been placed in the wrong "pending" folder and move it to the proper
"pending" folder, the workflow rules of the initial "pending" folder appear to be immutable- it does not take on the new "pending" folders approve/reject rules which specify which folder it will be moved to. Instead, it retains the original workflow and thus when it is approved or rejected it ends up in the original destination folder for that action.

The only topic I could find that seemed to address how to remove the simple workflow aspect from a document  so that I could start over was here but is 4 years old. 

Am I missing something simple to address this scenario which is already available in the share or explorer UI?