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How works the Share login?

Question asked by anusk on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2013 by zladuric

I'm trying to customize the Share login to show messages in a prompt basing on password policies from ldap server.
I made a custom LDAPAuthenticationComponentImpl (here I check the policies), and if I login in Share, I know it ends on my custom class (so the authentication of Share is on Explorer??), but I can't see the way to communicate from there to Share. I thought on session variable, but I can't use FacesContext.
I try to take a look to the loginform on Share login, but I can't find where is the action or webscript called "share/page/dologin".

So basically, is there any way to relate a flag on Explorer to Share? Where is the "share/page/dologin" implementation?
Maybe I approach this thing completely wrong since my quite short experience on Share. Any advice would be appreciate.

Thanks in advanced,