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Permissions tweak: read, edit, edit-all etc.

Question asked by singleton on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by soborno

Using share I would like to be able to:

everyone-read the blog & read comments etc.

create a post
create post-comments
only edit posts & post-comments which are created by me

not able to create a post
create posts-comments
only edit posts-comments which are created by me

Same functionality as already provided, removing the possibility to alter other peoples discussions(!) and comments on discussions. Only a collaborator should be able to alter a discussion, the contributor only should be able to change its own comments.

Only managers should be able to alter all documents, collaborator and below should only be able to change their own documents.

How to implement this??

I was trying to do solve issues above with an implementation of DynamicAuthority (which checks document types and grants if type should be editable), but it will also block read access, which is allowed for all possible types. Also to only block the edit-all funct. it will not be possible.

I've tried to alter the permissionDefinitions.xml but got stuck because e.g. the fm:forum group was not available. I've added the namespace, but I was not able to use it properly…

Any examples or ideas are greatly appreciated.