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How to read files having extension as '.bin'?

Question asked by asahublr on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on May 8, 2011 by asahublr
Hi All,

   We have some files in filestorge in UNIX created through Alfresco and we want to move it into windows filesystem folder. Alfresco is now corrupted and we are not using it.

   The files in the filestore are in the format as "2d32a1de-6d01-11dc-881a-a183ccacc562.bin". Can any one please let me know how to convert this file "2d32a1de-6d01-11dc-881a-a183ccacc562.bin" to its original readable format i.e in .pdf or .doc.? We want to read this file from windows through normal documents editor. We are able to identify the file format.

Thank you.