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Problem with docx files

Question asked by fernyjbh on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by fernyjbh
Well I'm using alfresco community 3.4d, And I configured the webdav.. also, I managed to open not in read only mode docx files in office 2010, after a lot of tweaking windows 7.. but now I have this problem:

I open via Webdav a docx file in office 2010, and I save it.. after that, I click the file in alfresco share or alfresco web browser, and downloads as a ZIP file..when I edit the file via webdrive that doesn't happens.. also, the indexing of the file becomes corrupted (it shows a lot of rare simbols), BUT if I open after the file via webdrive and save it, i becomes normal again.. also, if I open after saving in office via webdav, it opens normally..

someone can help me with this issue? i'm trying to figure out whats happening since a month ago.. also sorry if my english it's not good  :)

edit: Its shows the rare simbols in the details of the file inside alfresco, not in the file itself