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Question asked by alch3mi5t on May 9, 2011
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Hi all,
this is my first post in here;
We have acquired an Enterprise License of Alfresco, and we are allready working with it.
Now we are trying to develop some API's for our purposes, like getting reports/statistics on Repo and uploaded documents..
Now: we have a script like this
that we're trying to modify;
this web script lists all documents in a folder,but we would like to display instead of Name/created/modified/description/body, some custom properties. And we're getting this error if we try to use {["my:myprop"]}
What is the correct syntax of displaying a custom property in a FTL freemarker template file?
For example instead of
       <td><div id="desc_${node_index + 1}">${}</div></td>
i'ts possible to use something like:
       <td><div id="desc_${node_index + 1}">${["custom:customproperty"]}</div></td>
or something like that?