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How to find actual file name

Question asked by asahublr on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by lambert
Hi All,

   I am new in Alfresco. I need to retrieve the actual document name and logical folder path(as it was showing in application) by querying in DB? I have physical file name for the document as "2d32a1de-6d01-11dc-881a-a183ccacc562.bin". I am able to fetch the physical content URL & MIME type in the table "alf_node_properties" in attribute String_Value as below:


   Our alfresco server is corrupted so not able to fetch it from application side. Can any one please let me know how to map the DB tables to get the required result? I got the following query in forum but I did not find the table "alf_content_data". Also the table "alf_content_url" does not contains any records. It seems we are using old version of Alfresco.

select docid.string_value, url.content_url
alf_node_properties np
inner join alf_content_data acd on np.long_value =
inner join alf_content_url url on
INNER JOIN alf_node_properties docid on docid.node_id=np.node_id
np.actual_type_n = 3 and np.persisted_type_n = 3 and docid.string_value='509a52de-8606-40dc-93a9-b770bc9db62c'

  Please help to find out the details.