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Custom Data Lists in Alfresco Share v3.4.0

Question asked by igneus on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2011 by cjimenez2581
Hello there,

I'm quite new with Alfresco, and i have stumbled upon a problem creating Custom Data Lists in Share.
I have searched and searched and tried some of the explanations about creating Custom Data Lists and was unable to make them work (for example: ).

What i'm trying to do is create a Custom Data List that will serve as a detailed Phone Book.
For that i would need either some nice tutorial or walk through for creating Custom Data List, or a way to customize existing Data Lists.

Could i get a feedback on that?

My system info is:
Alfresco Community version 3.4.0 (d3370) running on Linux Debian 6 Squeeze

Looking forward to some constructive answers and feedback