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Activiti workflow : potentialOwner problem

Question asked by granddams on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by wretzl

I'm working on an advanced workflow with a task witch must be assigned to all members of a group, and when a user complete the task, assignement for all others users in the group should disappear. This is similar to a pooled wf, isn't it?
So I'd like to use the tag <potentialOwner> but even in the sample workflow "Pooled Review And Approve" it seems to doesn't work.
I've no logs of this cause there's no error. Task is well created (it create a line in table act_ru_task in database), but, not assigned…

Following the page
I've tried

            <formalExpression>user(user1), user(user2)</formalExpression>

without results…
I've tried too with methods getGroup or getMembers of the people Api, cause i used it with tag <humanPerformer> but no result.

Does anybody have tried this tag whit workflow on alfresco 3.4e?
Where im I wrong?

Thanks in advance