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Lucene Query with OR Keyword not returing proper result

Question asked by himvj on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by himvj
I want to write a lucene query to serach contents in alfresco repository

my Query is like below

filename = "suppliername";

query.statement = "PATH:\"/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:processing/cm:documentLibrary/cm:AAK/*\" AND TYPE:\"{}content\" OR   @my\\:first_supplierInvoice_comAsp1TransRef:\"" + filename + "\" OR @my\\:first_supplierInvoice_supName:\"" + filename + "\" OR @my\\:first_supplierInvoice_comAsp1Date:\"" + filename + "\"";

but here the OR key word is not working it is returning all the contents in a  particular node.but not the contents matching that metadata.

please tel me how it can be done.