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Dynamic Spaces extension

Question asked by kronzucker on May 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by kronzucker

i have dived deeper into alfresco and have now the need for a feature which can be described as "dynamic spaces"
(See It seems that there is nothing like dynamic spaces yet in Alfresco,
so I want to develop it myself. As a first implementation I want to have a node that displays all documents with a certain aspect.

For that I thought of manipulating the query for children of a certain node to query the database for nodes with a certain aspect
and return this list as the children of the node.

As a possible solution, I have identified that the methods selectChildAssoc in the class NodeDAOImpl are responsible for
retrieving children to a certain node. Now I want to inject a new implementation of the NodeDAOImpl which extends this class
and overwrite the selectChildAssocs methods to implement the behaviour.

Is anybody here who sees a better way of implementing this, or has any ideas on that topic?

Kind regards,
Georg Fleischer