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Hierarchical datalists & linking contenttypes to calendar

Question asked by r0b on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by scapeler
Hi everyone,

Besides the document-stuff we would like to use Alfresco Share for the requirment and issue management. Related to that we have some questions and would appreciate any help:
  1. Is it possible to build hierarchical datalists, so that the user can set a parent for each new content-item? Can the datalist-view changed to more tree-like?

  2. Additional we would need a way to link content-items together (that are not of the same type). I can do sth like this right now, but this must be done through the virtual-file-system and with cryptic file-names… (or did i miss sth?)

  3. The calendar is a really nice feature but dues or date-ranges of content-items are not displayed/tracked. Is it possible to connect the calendar to certain content-items?
Thanks in advance