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Recreating lucene indexes in 3.4d never stops...

Question asked by frodo on May 17, 2011

First there was a non clean shutdown and as a result I could not get alfresco started. Reading the forums I decided to recreate the lucene indexes.

Now, the system has not been in use very long, so the amount of documents is fairly low. All are pdf's.

I first tried with index.recovery.mode=FULL but that never ended… After several hours I stopped alfresco. just including this one line from the log file, since the log is quite long…

[org.alfresco.repo.node.index.FullIndexRecoveryComponent]    1,143,950 % complete.

I then changed index.recovery.mode=AUTO, and got alfresco up and running, but now the soffice.bin is running with 99,x% load. Sofar, there is maybe one document that has been removed. All others are scanned pdf's that just have an image.

Any good pointers anyone?