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connect to an Alfresco on VirtualBox

Question asked by opicina on May 17, 2011
I have a laptop (windows7) that has a VirtualBox installation of windows XP.
I have installed alfresco 3.4d on this virtualizated windows XP.
I have configurated the port forwarding in VirtualBox from port 2222 to 8080, so I would like to connect to alfresco (on the guest) pointing at the address     http://localhost:2222/alfresco    on the host (my laptop), but it doesn't work…

I have tried with a simple tomcat on the guest and with port forwarding (2222 to 8080) the address http://localhost:2222 on the host works fine and I can connect to the tomcat manager on the guest,
but it doesn't work if I made the same thing with alfresco.

is there a solution?