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How do I connect to Alfresco CIFS share from Windows 7

Question asked by shikarishambu on May 17, 2011
:?: I have multiple Alfresco servers - some running Windows 2003/ Alfresco 3.2 and others running Windows 2008/ Alfresco 3.4. I can connect to both these servers CIFS share from Windows XP clients. However, when I do the same from Windows 7 I get

System error 86 has occurred.

The specified network password is not correct.

Here are the steps I take to connect to the server from client
nbtstat -a <<alfrescoserver_ip>>

then do

net use x: \\ALFRESCOSERVERNAMEA\Alfresco

When prompted for username and password I provide Alfresco username and password

What do I need to do differently to connect to Alfresco CIFS share from Windows 7.

I am using Windows 7 64bit