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Advanced customizations UI;Explorer vs Share vs external app

Question asked by michalwrobel on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by mrogers
Hope this is appropriate forum part for this post, because it  doesn't concern any particular part of Alfresco.

We're currently investigating possibility of creating a mid-complicated web app. It involves a simple workflow (not 'simple' in terms of alfresco developemnt but rather not complicated). The application allows clients to submit orders which include some attachments in form of .jpg files. Then the manager distributes these orders as tasks among his workers. So there is a workflow and content to manage. The application must have, of course, a very customized menu for every role. Eg. the client has only options to submit order and view his invoices, the worker sees only his tasks and deadlines. There should be no normal options available such as Company home, search, etc.

The question is: Is alfresco suitable for such profound customization and tailoring? If the answer is yes, what would be better, customizing Explorer or Share? Or maybe it is better to develop an external application using only (and if) alfresco api via webservices?

Thanks in advance for your answers.