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Windows 7 Client - CIFS Timeout

Question asked by alltraders_ash on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2011 by scottcarson
I have Alfresco Community 3.4d running on a CentOS server on the internet. On my work computer (Windows 7 Pro 64bit) I can map a network drive to Alfresco and transfer small files. However large file time out at seemingly random points. I connect via CIFS as all attempts to connect via webdav wouldn't get past the point of authentication (i.e. I would just be repeatedly prompted to enter my username and password). I have another server that I have configure with Samba on the internet and transfers work just fine.

Has anyone had this error?

Can someone please point me to where the CIFS error logs are.

Other than this issue everything else with Alfresco seems to be working fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.