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Person as a property

Question asked by rwilson1982 on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by scapeler

I am creating a custom aspect for my data model for approvable documents. I want to add a property to the aspect called "Primary Contact" which would be a user in system. The reason for this is I want to send notification emails but its not always going to be to the create or owner of the document. I do not wish to give the user a plain text field to type in to and would much rather they were able to select an existing user from perhaps an "address book" widget. Does such a thing exist? I have seen a similar widget in the "Send email" action which allows for the selection of a user or group but i'm not sure how to use this as a property?

At the moment my aspect looks like this:

<aspect name="cc:approvabledoc">
    <title>Approvable Document</title>
        <property name="cc:primarycontact">
        <property name="cc:approveddate">
        <property name="cc:reviewdate">