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Backlog conversion - alf_data/contentstore/2011

Question asked by dhartford on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by mrogers
Hey all,
I'm doing a backlog conversion from a different content management solution into Alfresco. 

The prior solution you could 'silo', or protect, the files after a period of time for example by year - so you can have those be read-only attributes, burned to DVD, and basically put it in a no-change state.

Evaluating Alfresco it seems you can do something similar as the alf_data seems to nicely by default break things up by year – but this seems only during creation of the images.  The current/on-going injection process is using CMIS, however for the backlog conversion open to other options (assume the originating data is in whatever would make it easier - XML attributes & images, RDBMS and images, whatever…).

Is there some way I can backlog convert this old data on a yearly basis into similar alf_data/contentstore/2000, 2001, 2002, etc instead of having all the backlog content get thrown into 2011?