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guide to connect Adobe drive with Alfresco CE

Question asked by on May 25, 2011
Hallo everybody!
Since adobe remove version cue, i search for a replacement. Can somebody please write a short  guide how to configurate Alfresco CE to optimal work with adobe drive? Its drive me creasy! I think, i am not alone with this problem. Feel free to write here everethink, you found about it. Together we find a solution, i think.
The interest were (after connect Adobe drive to Alfresco CE):
- how configurate the space, where Alfresco CE saving the files ?
- how to set permissions to Alfresco CE drive to chek in the files from adobe programms?
- in bridge i cannot see the thumbnails of files (only the standart thumbs, maby it has something to do with the permission rights?)
- how can thomebody else from anywhere connect to Alfresco Cmis that is locally on my pc, like earler in versioncue, to callobarate)

Thanks to everybody for suggestions and help!
Adobe drive 2.1
Alfresco CE 3.4