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Alfresco Webdav + Samba?

Question asked by huang on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by gnyce
Hi All,

I'm totally new to Alfresco.  There are a few questions on Alfresco's samba support before I start deep into the evaluation.  If someone kind enough to shred a light, that would be greatly appreciated  :) .

We’re currently utilizing Samba (with LDAP backend) to serve Windows shared drives in a LAN environment.  From what I read of Alfresco so far, it looks like Alfresco can greatly help us on document management side as well as WAN share access.  The questions are:
  1. Does Alfresco work with current samba shared drives, i.e. is there a way we can maintain the current samba shared drives, expose these share drives to Alfresco, then Alfresco can understand samba access configuration and present documents correctly in the web GUI?
  2. Does Alfresco’s WebDAV server support samba shared drives?
  3. If Alfresco doesn’t work with Samba, does it work if the above two questions move from Samba to CIFS/AD? (looks to me it will, but if someone who did it get me a confirmation, I would be very happy  :D )