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Configuring Advance Search with Content Type

Question asked by ashwini on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by amitabhandari1
I have some requirement for customizing Advance search where when user selects any content type/ aspect all properties for selected content type/aspect should be displayed. So by giving some inputs to displayed properties user can search the content.  I tried to search it on net but I didn’t get any solution.

1)Is it possible to customize web-client-config-custom.xml file in such a way that if we select the particular content type then all the properties belonging to that will get displayed?

2)Is it possible configure the Aspect in dropdown list so that while searching one can select the aspect and based on selected aspect one can search the content.

Can anyone update me how I can achieve it? Is there any development of code is required ?
Thanks in advance!!