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Surf development tools - problem to set working dev. stack

Question asked by michalwrobel on May 26, 2011

I am currently trying to get through Spring Surf tutorial*, and I have serious problems with development stack configuration.

1. It turned out that there is no Surf addon for current version of Roo.
So I would like to tell the others:
The newest version of Roo which works fine with Surf is 1.0.2.
2. I've downloaded fresh version SpringSource Tool Suite which is another pain. It is unable to work with Roo 1.0.2, it requires a 1.1.X Roo line (claims about lack of 'bundle' directory). But I can't use newer Roo because of 1.. Dead end.
3. Although I succeeded in installing Spring Surf Dev tools, there is no Spring Surf Template available in new Spring Template project wizard.

I met some posts on other forums claiming about this issues but nobody offered a solution.

So.. can you give me a hint what versions of SpringSource Tool Suite should I use to avoid these pains? It's rather frustrating, I am only trying to do a tutorial and things doesn't work from the word go. I am afraid what comes next  :shock:  :twisted:


P.S. I know it's maybe more Spring Forum but I thought that maybe some alfresco developers use these tools and could help.
Thx in advance :)