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how do i get target prop_content by using queryAssociated?

Question asked by tomcheng76 on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by tomcheng76
Suppose i have the parent Reference, and the associate type, then i can find the "target".
But i can only get a NamedValue which is a string, i am not sure if there is a problem if the content is not plain text.
Can i get the image content by casting it to byte? Or should i get the uuid and use contentService to read the content again (is this slow since it needs two queries ??)?

       Association association = new Association(assocType, "target") ;
       ResultSetRow[] imageRows = repositoryService.queryAssociated(parent, association).getResultSet().getRows();
        // by using getColumns() and search for Constants.PROP_CONTENT, i can get the content in NamedValue format

Hopefully my question is understandable..:)