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Install Alfresco 3.4e in JBoss AS 5.1

Question asked by chicco0386 on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by jean-rémyrevy
Hi all,
I've installed Alfresco 3.4e in a JBoss AS 5.1 and it start correctly, but if I'm going to install some extension that I've in an older tomcat installation and put it inside /server/default/conf/alfresco/extension, for example for LDAP configuration and synchronization I put the "subsystems" directory inside the extension folder, but when I restart the server this new extension is not read correctly, infact I've a  LDAP connection exception why Alfresco read the subsystems folder inside the war that's it's not set correctly.

Can you help me please?
Thank you