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Alfresco Permission Issue

Question asked by adit.patel on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by andy
I installed Alfresco 3.4 and created a folder in below manner as user 'admin'

Parent Folder A1
Child Folder B1 of A1
Child Folder B2 of A1
Child Folder C1 of B1
Child Folder C2 of B1

Consider that all folders have unchecked the inheritance flag.
There is a user 'test' which is granted read access on Folder C1 & C2

Now when user 'test' logs in there is no way for user test to navigate to Folder C1 & C2. I need to search for Folder C1 and then I could access this folder only through search results page.

Is this a limitation of Alfresco Explorer???? OR there is a way to provide auto-read access to parents of folder C1 & C2