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Alfresco WCMS and Mediawiki in a Portal

Question asked by minimike on May 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2011 by minimike

I'm new on Alfresco, don't punish me please :)

I've compiled Alfresco from SVN and installed it on Jboss 5.1 using a PostgreSQL 9 JNDI Datasource. The Installation almost runs, I've to tune a few little things.

The WCMS is included on the community edition (alfresco.war)? I've found a litte tool with TinyMCE but I thing that couldn't be all.
If I integrate Alfresco inside a Portal like Jetspeed or Liferay. So could I use the WCMS instead of WCMS what shipps the Portal self?
If I've integrated Mediawiki inside Alfresco could I use it on a Portlet too? And if possible, how it will be handled be Apache Lucine on the Portalsoftware?

Is they some Code availabele to Integrate Alfresco on Apache Jetspeed?
I like Liferay, but if I integrate Alfresco , a another Wiki, Apache OfBiz, maybe Hippo Site Toolkit (don't know) and some other stuff, why I should use Liferay? I thing Jetspeed will be a more lightweight solution then.