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Accessing document title, description and author name

Question asked by naresh on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by naresh
What is the best way to access a document's title, description and author name using the CMIS interface? (I am using OpenCMIS).
  • For title, I would like a short phrase, e.g. "Introduction to CMIS". I was thinking of using cmis:name, but there seems to a minor glitch. When I upload a document to Alfresco, it sets cmis:name and cmis:contentStreamFileName to the filename, e.g. cmis-intro.pdf. However when I change the document's name from Alfresco's front-end, it not only changes the cmis:name but also the cmis:contentStreamFileName. I was not expecting the latter to change and don't know if it has any bad side-effects.

  • For description, I would like a short paragraph similar to what Alfreso allows in the document metadata. Is it possible to access this via CMIS?

  • For author name, I would like the full name (<First Name> <Last Name>). I don't see this anywhere in the CMIS response. The cmis:createdBy has the username, not the full name.
Please let me know what's the best way to get this information via CMIS. Any help or guidance is much appreciated!

Naresh Bhatia