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Need help with *lockOwner is a mandatory parameter* error

Question asked by johnjohn on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by tenniel
I'm getting an error "lockOwner is a mandatory parameter" error when I try to edit a previously created jsp page, created by a webform.  This particular webform has been used for 2 years with no problems, including editing (we've been using it to post blogs).  I just edited something last week, and didn't receive this error, but today I'm getting it.  I've looked on the forum, on Google, but to no avail.  The webform is rendered with a Freemarker template. I did add some code to the template yesterday for a Facebook 'like' button, and a linkedin 'share' button.  Nothing else was changed on this template.  I'd appreciate any help.