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declaring records programatically using any API

Question asked by marianov on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by agovikar
Hello. I'm trying to file records into RM from an external application, but I haven't yet find out how to do it.
If I understand correctly, in order to declare a record from scratch one has to :
1) create the folder in RM
2) upload or move a the file to that folder (can be done via CIFS/DAV/etc)
3) set the mandatory metadata values for the file
4) call the "declare as record" action.

I would like to do 3) and 4) programatically, either from a webscript or by calling a REST API, so that I can for example have a PHP application file and declare records.

Is this possible or RM is only intended for interactive use from inside Share? Is there any example code?
I googled for this but found nothing, and there are several similar unanswered questions in this forum.
I though this would be doable with CMIS, but since it does not support aspects, I think it's not.